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Enhancements to StudentAid.gov Now Available

With this latest release, the focus of our enhancements included adding two-step verification and a new PSLF Employer Search tool.

Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is a commonly used process that adds an extra layer of security on an account and helps prevent cybercriminals from illegally obtaining personal information and credentials.

To better serve students, parents, and borrowers, we will implement two-step verification in two phases.

Phase One

As of July 10, 2022, if they create a new account on StudentAid.gov, they'll be required to set up and use two-step verification. If they already have an account, they'll have the option to set up two-step verification in their account settings.

Phase Two

Later this year, two-step verification setup will be required if they already have an account. They'll be notified when they log in if they need to set up two-step verification.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Employer Search

Our PSLF Help Tool helps borrowers determine their eligibility for the program. The tool includes a searchable employer database that provides information about an employer's eligibility in real time. But previously, the borrower had to log in to StudentAid.gov to use this database within the PSLF Help Tool.

On July 10, 2022, we introduced the PSLF Employer Search. Now borrowers can search for employers without logging in. The PSLF Employer Search provides easy-to-follow prompts and guides them through the process to determine if their employer qualifies for PSLF. They will receive a message about next steps whether their employer qualifies for PSLF, does not qualify for PSLF, or isn't listed in the database.

July 18, 2022