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Videos Being Discontinued or Refreshed – Feedback Welcome

Your input on Federal Student Aid's videos is welcome!

We at Federal Student Aid have a number of videos available on various financial aid topics. If you're unfamiliar with them, you can take a look at FinancialAidToolkit.ed.gov/resources. (Please don't send students or parents to that page; this website doesn't provide the level of detail they need. This site is just for you—the counselor or mentor. Students and parents can view our videos at StudentAid.gov/resources.)

We are considering discontinuing some of our videos and shortening some of the ones that remain. As we make our decisions, we will consider input from those who use our videos, taking into consideration which videos people find particularly helpful, how they use them, what topics appear to be missing from our collection of videos, etc.

Any feedback you care to send is appreciated. We love hearing stories of how schools are using our resources.

Please feel free to send your feedback to us at ask.aidawareness@ed.gov by April 8.

[NOTE: The ask.aidawareness email address is not intended for students or parents to use if they have questions about financial aid. Instead, they should contact studentaid@ed.gov for that type of communication.]

Tue Mar 27 00:00:00 EDT 2018