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Federal Student Aid Partner Spotlight

Welcome to the FSA Partner Spotlight! Our partners are using innovative programs, creative events, and effective initiatives to help facilitate financial aid awareness, increase Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) completion, and assist borrowers with repayment. Each month, we will showcase and celebrate the best practices of our partners who serve specific demographic communities.

This page is not an endorsement of any particular district, school, or organization, but simply a space to share the outreach efforts of various entities. If you are interested in being featured in the FSA Partner Spotlight, please complete the FSA Partner Spotlight Interest Form.

Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable
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Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable

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The Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable (PCPR) seeks to strengthen a community of college access and success practitioners and advocates who believe in the potential of all individuals and help students navigate the path to and through higher education. PCPR provide tools, resources, and opportunities for discourse; support leadership development in the field; and seek to bridge the gap between policy, research, and practice in the area of college access and completion. Visit PCPR's website for more information.

What are the FAFSA completion goals of PCPR?

PCPR was a foundational partner with the School District of Philadelphia in 2017 and established the district's FAFSA completion initiative. This effort continued through the next two FAFSA completion seasons.

What tools, resources, and/or collaborations contribute to PCPR's success?

Over the past 15 years, PCPR has coordinated FAFSA professional development training conducted by Federal Student Aid for the PCPR network and Philadelphia community. Additionally, PCPR, with the support of the PA Student Financial Aid Administrators, has conducted financial aid training focusing on specific aspects of the financial aid process for college access and success practitioners and advocates.

What challenges do PCPR community face in financial aid awareness and FAFSA completion?

Philadelphia and the surrounding southeast Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey region have a significant population of low to moderate income households. Most do not have the means to pay for postsecondary education. The vast majority of the Philadelphia's economic workforce requires some level of postsecondary education completion (degrees and/or certificates). To meet the demands of families affording to pay for postsecondary education and workforce demands of individuals having a degree/certification, financial aid has become a critical and necessary resource.


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