Use Federal Student Aid's public service announcements (PSAs) to help spread the word about the availability of federal student aid for college.

Share these video, audio, and print PSAs with your community, and use our web banners to connect students to our financial aid information and application sites.

Public Service Announcements

Federal Student Aid's public service campaign, Proud Sponsor of the American Mind, is intended to capture the attention of audiences while emphasizing the availability of federal aid to help pay for college or career school. The campaign features potential students of all ages and focuses on each person's mind—illustrating what each person will achieve with a college education and reinforcing the idea that anyone can reach their goals.

We invite you to use our PSAs to help spread the word about the availability of federal student aid. The PSAs are available in television/video, radio/audio, and print. We also have web banners that you can embed on your site to link to and

Tips for Using Federal Student Aid's PSAs:

  • The TV/video PSAs are ideal for showing at financial aid events or airing on video monitors.
  • Do you provide radio or other types of audio broadcasts to students? The radio/audio PSAs may be a great resource.
  • Got an organization or school newsletter? Consider including the print PSA.

You can view and download all of Federal Student Aid's PSAs at