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From the most basic webinar about the concepts of financial aid, to detailed multiday classroom training, there is something out there for any counselor, advisor, or mentor who wants to improve his or her expertise.

Training Offered by Federal Student Aid
Training Offered by State Agencies and Nongovernment Organizations
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Training Offered by Federal Student Aid

Federal Student Aid staff occasionally make presentations at professional development conferences or conduct training on financial aid. When there are such events coming up for school counselors, college access advisors, and similar audiences, we will list them in the table below.

Featured Event: Each year, Federal Student Aid offers a webinar to provide policy updates and general information to counselors and mentors.

Note: To find other archived webinars for counselors and mentors, visit our Search Tools and Resources page.

Upcoming Training or Conferences With Participation by Federal Student Aid Staff

Event Overview and Link Event Date and Location
Event: Federal Student Aid Webinar
Title: How to Tackle Verification in the FAFSA® Process

Audience: College access professionals

Host: Federal Student Aid

Topic: We will review verification selection for information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form, documents that may be requested by the school, and the process that students, families, and colleges or career schools are required to follow in order to complete verification . During the presentation, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions through our Q&A chat forum.

Information and Registration
Date and Time: March 25, 2020; 2:30–3:30 p.m. Eastern time
Location: Online

Federal Student Aid conducts training for college financial aid administrators (FAAs). Our training takes the form of webinars, classroom training, and an annual conference. Most of the content of the training for FAAs is quite technical and geared toward helping them administer the federal student aid programs at their schools. However, you may find that an occasional topic is of use to you. Browse and view (or listen to) prerecorded training for financial aid administrators.

Use Federal Student Aid training materials to provide professional development for counselors and mentors.


Training Offered by State Agencies and Nongovernment Organizations

A number of state higher education agencies and national associations offer financial aid training events or webinars. Visit your state's higher education agency site, browse the sites of college access or school counseling associations, or do an Internet search for training events you can attend or watch online. Note that some of these entities may charge you to participate in their training or view their videos.


Curriculum Materials for Trainers

Are you providing professional development training for high school counselors, TRIO or GEAR UP staff, or other college access advisors? You may find our curriculum materials for trainers of use.