Get tips and resources to help you plan and host a financial aid or college preparation event.

Financial Aid/College Prep Event

First, review our general hints about hosting an event, and then explore this page and/or our page that talks about hosting a FAFSA® completion workshop.

Tips on Planning the Event
Ideas for Topics
Resources to Share With Attendees

Tips on Planning the Event

We recommend that you take a look at our Host an Event page for general tips.


Ideas for Topics

You might want to share information beyond a high-level overview of the college application process or the basic types of financial aid. Below are some topics for consideration.

Ideas for college prep event topics:

  • earning college credits in high school
  • qualifying for in-state tuition or tuition reciprocity
  • supporting your child as he or she prepares for college (parent event)
  • deciding whether to apply Early Decision or Early Action

Ideas for financial aid event topics:

  • benefiting from tax advantages of college savings programs
  • minimizing borrowing
  • finding scholarships
  • understanding whose information to report on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form
  • avoiding financial aid scams

Overview of the Financial Aid Process Graphic(Result Type: IMG)
Description: Graphic that reviews the availability of federal financial aid for college, the FAFSA, and the process for applying for and receiving aid.
Resource Type: Infographics
Also Available in: Spanish(Result Type: IMG)Text Version(Result Type: General)Text Version - Spanish(Result Type: General)
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Resources to Share With Attendees

You may have your own documents that you want to share with students and parents, or you may wish to use some of ours. We've also got videos you can show during your event. We've featured a few of our resources below; you can find many more on our Search Financial Aid Tools and Resources page. Additionally, you may wish to order publications about federal student aid.

College Preparation Checklist(Result Type: PDF)
Description: Checklist that helps students (elementary, middle, and high school), as well as adults and parents prepare financially and academically for college. [7.3 MB]
Resource Type: Handouts
Also Available in: Spanish(Result Type: PDF)

2018–19 Do You Need Money for College? The Guide to Federal Student Aid(Result Type: PDF)
Description: Publication that provides information on preparing for college, types of federal student aid and eligibility, the FAFSA, and student loan repayment. [1.2 MB]
Resource Type: Handouts